Weight Roller Coaster

October 2, 2013

Always on the weight gain/loss roller coaster.  Over the years I have lost 25-35 pounds several different times.  Why do I always gain it back before reaching goal?  I have decided to start documenting since I am going to Weight Watchers tonight.  I started Weight Watchers in 2002 for the first time and have gone back many times.  Tonight I go in for weigh in and Wednesday night isn’t the best night to go.  I use to go on Sunday mornings and it was nice to weigh in first thing in the morning and start the week off fresh.  Then I was going on Monday night and I liked that too.  But this Wednesday in the middle of the week, when I remember to go, it just isn’t that great but you go when the meetings are taking place right?  Quit making excuses.

My S. O. took photos of me today so that I can take pictures in the same clothes in the same location before WW weigh in so I can watch what I am hoping will be progress.  So tonight I start another approach of having to look at my picture and it is a lot harder to be in denial when you are looking at it.  Anybody else do that, quit weighing yourself and stop looking in the mirror and wear yoga pants all the time so you don’t have to focus on the weight you need to lose?


When I take the L-Glutamine it really helps me control my cravings.



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